About the Artist

Born in Devonshire, England, Maria completed a Foundation Course at Exeter College of Art (1982) and a BA. Hons in Sculpture at Wimbledon School of Art, London (1983-1986).

Maria has exhibited in many countries including South Africa (Everade Read Gallery), Scotland (Glasgow Print Studio), USA (Milken Centre, Los Angeles, Santa Monica Museum of Art) and England (Royal Society of Wildlife Artists, John Thompson Gallery, London, Wimbourne Sculpture Park.) For a full CV please click here.


About the Work

I am fascinated by the complexity of natural pattern and the transformative effect of sunlight upon contour. The latticework of a tree’s branches in silhouette or the play of cloud shadow over the roll of a hill are the kind of images that inspire me.

Trees and forests, along with accompanying flora, are a key motif and a prevalent theme in my work. Ever since my childhood in rural England, I have observed how the tree's modulating shape is the principle player in forming the character and ambiance of landscape. No matter how massive, a tree is still sadly fragile and cruelly vulnerable to the forces of change. We are made increasingly aware of the indispensability of forests in maintaining the health of our planet. I observe how the bark, or skin of a tree, complete with the textural imperfections wrought by age and decay bear testimony to the health of the whole.

My work is heavily process driven, strictly non-purist in approach, and much of the time experimental in terms of the combination of materials used. It is not easy to define or categorize. Each piece is both a journey and an exploration. Maybe due to the fact that I trained as a sculptor rather than a painter I am constantly searching for the means to depict three dimensionality, perspective and the play of light, onto what is essentially a flat surface.  For this reason the product often becomes multilayered and textural.